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A Cooling and Comfortable Sleeping Idea -- Used in the Orient for hundreds of years.

buckwheat pillows

Many people have appreciated buckwheat hull pillows in a professional setting (in a chiropractor's, acupuncturist's or massage therapist's office)-- now we introduce a  way to personal sleeping comfort!


               Because people are so different we have various amounts of filling for your pillow.   
light-fill:  fairly flat and quite adjustable (good for sleeping on your back).

medium-fill:  very adjustable (a corner may be tucked under for more height).

full packed:  a firmer pillow (good for side-sleepers)

          This pillow filling does not compress like those filled with foam of feathers. Instead  the organic hulls shift and mold around the head, neck and shoulders.

Fabrics are all 100% organic cotton and pillows all come with their own removable case [unless noted]. Please see complete price list for prices for additional cases and pillow sizes. 


Rectangles  ~  these are the most popular for sleeping

The 12" x 16" is often found in Japanese hotels   

The 14" x 20" size is commonly used in China     
The 9" x 13" is great for children or travel           

The "14" x 22" is a little longer and heavier           

Cylinders  ~  often used for a neck problem and under the knees

This pillow is beneficial by itself or with a rectangle. Most popular is
medium to full packed fill for the cylinders.
They also are great for travel. more pillows
5" x 16" - and 4" x 16"  - are commonly requested sizes.
3" x 16" - this is requested for children and some neck problems.
6" x 16" - This is used for shiatsu treatment or as a knee bolster 


Sometimes we are asked about zippers for the inside case. This does allow for the most tightly filled support. Although some people find the hard zipper parts bothersome, this is your choice, so we now offer the option. Zippers for the end of the inside case are $10. extra.


Massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists often use these supports, as well as rectangles, in their work.   Body workers often suggest new shapes and sizes! (Please call for custom size price).

Knee Bolsters (with drawstring) 6½" x 23"  is a commonly asked for size. These are very heavy- approx 8lb.

Shiatsu Cylinders (with drawstring) 6" x 16"  This bolster shape has many uses.

The above are full-packed pillows --as much hulls as possible are packed into treatment table bolsters.  You may request less fill for a more pliable pillow. Zippers for the end of the inside case are $10. extra. This enables the cylinder to be filled more tightly.

Please email about custom sizes and with any questions.


Eye Pillow 3" x 10"  Buckwheat hull or flax seed filling.  These small rectangles provide a relaxing weight that rests across the eyes during daytime naps or therapy sessions. The hulls are quite light in weight in this size, the seed filling has more weight and a cool feel. -

eye pillow Eye Pillow

The Triangle 16" x 16" x 23" Originally designed for comfortable sleeping during pregnancy -- this shape supports the nursing baby --  or your neck! Snaps or velcro fastenings on outside case.

triangle Triangle Pillow

The ZAFU (3-3½" high and 16" across)  A very comfortable sitting cushion that is filled with buckwheat hulls.  The case is heavyweight denim or duck and has a carrying strap!  Colors:  Dark purple, blue, green, or dark mustard. (No outside case).

We now have a square sitting cushion- about 8"x8"x8" - See pictures on photo page.

zafu Zafu Pillow


Rice Pillow - These are the 100% white rice pillows that can be used cold on a bruise -[store in freezer], or warmed in microwave or oven - for stiff neck, etc.  They are small but weighty packs that many people find helpful!  Popular size is 5"x19"

Not sure what size to order?
Do you want a size not on the price list?
Please contact us  and we would be happy to help!

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